Why Use Silica Supplements

best-silica-supplementWhy use silica supplements? Silica is a substance that is found within the body in large quantities and it needs it for several purposes. One of those purposes is to help the body absorb all of the other minerals it needs to sustain itself. People are always looking for new vitamin and mineral supplements, but these supplements don’t have a chance of benefiting the body if there isn’t enough silica to aid in absorption.

For example, calcium is one such substance that needs the assistance of silica for absorption. Without sufficient silica in the body, calcium supplements don’t reach the areas where it is needed. With silica supplements, on the other hand, the calcium has the ability to deposit itself within the teeth, the bones, the body’s organs and wherever else the body needs it.

Along with helping to absorb essential minerals, silica supplements also assist these minerals in producing positive results. Calcium works along with silica to help heal the joints and increase the health of the bones. After this occurs, Silica can help calcium maintain bone strength. It can help prevent osteoporosis. It aids in decreasing the amount of time that it takes for the bones to heal from fractures. It encourages the body’s own healing mechanism. It can decrease the visibility of scarring after a fracture has healed. It increases the health of people’s joints. It also can ease people’s back pain by helping to re-hydrate the spinal column’s discs.

All of the above-listed benefits are very positive reasons to take silica supplements, but these supplements also good for cosmetic reasons. One great benefit is that people will be able to stop spending so much money on anti-aging creams and plastic surgery, because silica is a main ingredient of the collagen in the skin. Collagen is what helps the skin to maintain its elasticity and be able to bounce back into shape after people use facial expressions. When people take silica supplements, they slow down the aging process because they are replacing the building blocks of the collagen their skin loses as they age. Their skin doesn’t sag as much or look as tired and worn-out as it did before taking the silica supplements.

Silica supplements give people at least two highly important reasons to take them. They help people maintain their joint and bone health and they also help them create a more youthful appearance. Easing the pain they feel would be enough of a reason, but adding the effects it gives the skin is just one more positive bonus.

Silica is the key for minerals to be deposited in bones for optimal bone and joint health.

silica powder supplement

* Maintains bone strength*
* Fights debilitating osteoporosis*
* Speeds fracture healing time*
* Restores body’s self repair process*
* Reduces scarring at fracture sites*
* Improves joint health*
* Relieves back pain by hydrating spinal discs for healthy alignment*

Silica Gives Hair Shine and Luster while Insuring Strong, Healthy Teeth and Gums

* Prevents baldness*
* Encourages healthy hair growth (hair contains about 90 micrograms of silica)*
* Adds luster, shine, and strength to hair*
* Prevents cavities and preserves teeth by hardening enamel*
* Prevents bleeding gums*
* Stops gum recession leading to tooth loss*
* Helps keep teeth healthy and strong for life*

Silica Absorbs Toxins and Pathogens in the Body that lead to Degenerative Diseases

* Heavy metals
* Parasites
* Fungus
* Bacteria
* Viruses
* Molds
* Mycotoxins

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