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“SilaLive has done some wonderful things for me. I purchased this product on January 4, 2013. Since then I have seen my blood levels decrease by 10 to 15 points each time I test. I test twice a day every day. My A1C (a blood test taken every three months to check glucose levels) went from 5.9 to 5.2.

Also I now have increased energy and stamina. I have a bowel movement after every meal (3 times a day).

And the biggest improvement – my cholesterol level have increased and decreased were appropriate. Thank you Silalive.”
Wanda, February 2013

“I’ve taken the product for 3 months now. Best thing I have ever done and my overall health has drastically improved.”
Drew, March 2013

“Hello SilaLive
Like I told you before I notice an improvement of my hair since I started taking silalive for 3 weeks and now I think it is working for me. Thinning of my hair stop and now is shinny. My throat is also improving not like before it is always scrachy so that means my immune system is improving. Thank You!”
Linda, March 2013

“It is one of the best supplements I’ve taken. I think the true benefits in it are no only the diatomaceous earth but also the Organic Silica that it is combined with as well as the process and steps they take to clean the food grade DE”
Brenda, March 2013

“We’ve been using SilaLive for to detox, we live in an old house with a lot of lead paint, and so we want to give our children the best shot at getting rid of those heavy metals. All the research which we have read points to the Silca & Diotomatious Earth combo, as found in SilaLive. And we are all feeling really good about taking this supplement.”
Conor, May 2013

“I started this a week ago as an adjunct to a candida cleanse. I really think it has taken things to the next level. So far I feel like I get a bit of a pick me up after I take it. My sleep is very sound, deep and feel rested in am, my hair is falling out less and my nails are growing faster. I am very excited to see what this can do after taking for a long time! I also love the empowerment that comes knowing there is something you can do to combat all the environmental toxins.”
Tiffany, May 2013

“I love SilaLive! I started using it to see if it would help with the adult acne I have struggled with for 30+ years. After 2-3 weeks I thought there was some improvement so I purchased a 2nd container. By the 6th week there was no doubt it was helping. The flare ups were way less frequent and much milder.

Then I noticed I had fingernails! My nails have always been soft and very weak. They never grow long because they peel, chip and break off. Before when I pressed the ends they bent very easily. Now they are very strong and will barely move. What a delightful bonus!

I mix the SilaLive in grape juice (also very good in ginger ale or sprite) that I take before bedtime for back pain. I found that this helped also to regulate my bowel movements. Loose and easy every morning like clockwork!

Recently I ran out of SilaLive during a busy spell and didn’t take time to get more. BIG mistake! The acne flare ups returned full-force, my beautiful nails all broke off and bowel movements were scattered at inconvenient times 2-3 days apart. I will not let that happen again!”
Mary Beth, August 2013

“Oh my! Here’s another testimonial for SilaLive. Mixed SilaLive in my face makeup this morning. Usually by now my face would be very oily and in need of a touch up.

There’s almost no oil at all!!!

I’ve been looking for/experimenting with products for 30+ years with no success! Awesome!”
Mary Beth, August 2013

“Well I have been taking silica for two weeks and already my hair is beginning to grow and I just took my blood pressure it was 117/70. Thank you so much for silica”

Ethel, October 2013

“I have been using SilaLive for approx. 9 mos now… and my life is
defined as ‘before’ SilaLive and ‘after’ SilaLive… simply put

My hair, skin and especially nails are much improved.. I especially
notice the difference with my lower back – that had been stiff for a
long time. No amount of stretching, exercise or other natural protocols would work.. within 2 wks – all pain is gone.

I search the world for my health supplements..and am a fanatic to say the least for the maintenance of my health… I am so grateful that I found your wonderful product.

I love the website – so much info – you have a customer for life!!!!!!”

Debbie, October 2013

“Hi, wow you really do respond quickly. I take 2 large tablespoons twice a day and then the container usually lasts 2 and a half to 3 weeks. I have noticed my nails and skin and hair have really improved I can imagine what it has done for my internal health.

It will take at least 6 months to a year to clean up all the toxins that have built up in my organs. I am really looking forward to the day where I can wake up and not feel so sickly. Your product is by far the best towards better health and longevity.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I’m already starting to feel alot stronger and maybe one day I can leave my apartment and have an ounce of quality in my life. Congratulations on this amazing breakthrough towards better health.”

Pavlina, December 2013


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