Benefits Of SilaLive To Your Health

Benefits Of SilaLive Silica Supplement

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Silicon, just like oxygen is a compound found in abundance on earth. Oxygen which is at 47% and silicon at 28%, both play a huge role in our health systems if maintained at optimal levels. A combination of both silicon and oxygen form a compound called Quartz Crystal or Silicon Dioxide (SiO2).

Elastin, Collagen, Glucosaminoglycanes or Mucopolysaccharides are molecules that are part of the human body’s connective tissue. An efficient level of SilaLive in the body ensures maximum health on connective tissues which are vital to the bodily functions. Free radicals, which are usually disintegrated or broken molecules, are one of the most common threats towards achieving the required SilaLive levels found in molecules like Elastin and Collagen.

Is Silica Safe?

They occur mostly due to the continuous chemical processes in the body. Free radicals often cause damage to important body proteins, enzymes, RNA and DNA by attaching themselves to body molecules. Major ailments like Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart disease and Hypertension are known to be triggered by the binding of bigger body molecules also known as Cross-Linkage, which creates a damaging process that triggers such diseases. If this condition affects the Collagen, there is usually a reduction in SilaLive levels causing further damage to the body’s connective tissue.

Research done in 1979 showed that silicon increased bone volume in the body. Other studies in 1990 showed positive results on managing osteoporosis and in 1993, 1998 and 2000, further studies show significant improvement in mineral levels in the bones through OSA supplements.

Silica Research Studies

With new studies and research being done based on human trials, such results will provide crucial information and practical results that will aid in better health management. At one presentation in October 2004, a study showed that OSA improves the skin’s texture and also reduces wrinkle depth. Such studies hold vital clues to better health solutions and over the next few years, a lot will be learned. Such studies have proved that silicon greatly improves the bone structure and skin.

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