Benefits Of SilaLive To Your Health

Benefits Of SilaLive Silica Supplement

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Silicon, just like oxygen is a compound found in abundance on earth. Oxygen which is at 47% and silicon at 28%, both play a huge role in our health systems if maintained at optimal levels. A combination of both silicon and oxygen form a compound called Quartz Crystal or Silicon Dioxide (SiO2).

Elastin, Collagen, Glucosaminoglycanes or Mucopolysaccharides are molecules that are part of the human body’s connective tissue. An efficient level of SilaLive in the body ensures maximum health on connective tissues which are vital to the bodily functions. Free radicals, which are usually disintegrated or broken molecules, are one of the most common threats towards achieving the required SilaLive levels found in molecules like Elastin and Collagen.

Is Silica Safe?

They occur mostly due to the continuous chemical processes in the body. Free radicals often cause damage to important body proteins, enzymes, RNA and DNA by attaching themselves to body molecules. Major ailments like Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart disease and Hypertension are known to be triggered by the binding of bigger body molecules also known as Cross-Linkage, which creates a damaging process that triggers such diseases. If this condition affects the Collagen, there is usually a reduction in SilaLive levels causing further damage to the body’s connective tissue.

Research done in 1979 showed that silicon increased bone volume in the body. Other studies in 1990 showed positive results on managing osteoporosis and in 1993, 1998 and 2000, further studies show significant improvement in mineral levels in the bones through OSA supplements.

Silica Research Studies

With new studies and research being done based on human trials, such results will provide crucial information and practical results that will aid in better health management. At one presentation in October 2004, a study showed that OSA improves the skin’s texture and also reduces wrinkle depth. Such studies hold vital clues to better health solutions and over the next few years, a lot will be learned. Such studies have proved that silicon greatly improves the bone structure and skin.

Diatomaceous Earth


What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Also called diatomite, diatomaceous earth is a natural sedimentary rock made from fossilized remains of hard-shelled algae called diatoms. It can easily be crumbled into a white powder. Particles of diatomaceous earth average in size between ten to two hundred micrometers. It is quite light, has an abrasive feel similar to pumice, and is highly porous. Diatomaceous earth contains about 90% silica, 4% alumina, and around 2% iron oxide.

Health Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth contains fifteen natural minerals, which are good for the body, especially the skin, nails, and hair. With its mildly abrasive properties, diatomaceous earth acts as a “sweeper” to rid the body of mucus, molds and other impurities on the intestinal wall, thus cleansing the digestive tract. Silica also helps rid the body of intestinal worms and parasites more effectively than other types of de-wormers.

Although the human body contains high amounts of silica during youth, the level tends to deplete rapidly as the individual ages. Food-grade silica is water-soluble and easily excreted. Therefore it is important to replace it daily using diatomaceous earth.

Other benefits of the silica include lower cholesterol and blood pressure, relief from arthritis, regular digestive functions, and increased energy. Moreover, diatomaceous earth helps rid the body of trace metals, which may be harmful, including mercury from seafood and heavy metal contamination from cookware or utensils. These various benefits of the compound provides a boost to the body’s immune system.

Note that when utilizing diatomaceous earth for cleansing your body, it is important to strictly consume only food-grade diatomaceous earth, which is safe and free of any harmful impurities.

Nature and Benefits of Silalive Silica Supplement

Silalive is a silica supplement derived from diatomaceous earth in powder form. The particles comprising the powder have been micronized and rendered highly soluble in liquid, thus enabling it to penetrate cells easily. As a result of this unique process, Silalive is able to cleanse and detoxify your body of impurities extremely effectively, eliminating bacteria, parasites, fats, metals, and other toxins. This cleansing enables it to prevent diseases and blood poisoning, making it your best defense against environmental pollution.

Silalive also helps your body absorb important nutrients from your diet or other beneficial nutritional supplements. Consequently, you will enjoy higher levels of energy and immunity. Furthermore, Silalive prevents the multiplication of harmful cells and helps repair damaged cells and tissues to maintain their healthy condition.

Silalive is 100% natural and works well with other medications or supplements. It is safe for pregnant women, although lower dosages are recommended. It has no known side effects.

How to Use Silalive Silica Supplement

The suggested daily dosage is one to two tablespoons in two cups of water. This relatively large amount of fluid enables you to immediately experience Silalive’s amazing effects. Silalive is tasteless and odorless, so you can even mix it in your favorite beverage. Individual conditions vary, so you should give Silalive adequate time to do its job. Typically benefits should be observed after about 10-14 days of continuous use.