Silica Supplementation


What Are Silica Supplements?

Silica Supplements contain silicon, an essential mineral that helps strengthen and develop the body. Silica supplements have only been around since the 1970’s, when researchers finally discovered that silica was responsible for bone and cartilage growth.

Likewise, researchers found that if silica was used for wound and burn dressings, the wound would heal faster and burns could be stabilized quickly.

Why Take Silica Supplements?

As mentioned before, silica has many benefits. Silica is responsible for developing connective tissues in the body, aids in collagen production, and helps develop bones and cartilage. However, there are some even more important benefits to silica, which are why most people take silica:

Silica Health Benefits

Alzheimer’s Prevention: Despite a large amount of research into Alzheimer’s, it is still widely unknown what exactly causes it. However, researchers have directly linked increased aluminum levels with Alzheimer’s. Silica helps remove aluminum, among other heavy metals from the brain and digestive tract. While this might not completely remove the risk for Alzheimer’s, many researchers believe that silica supplements can reduce the risk.


Arthritis Treatment: Arthritis occurs when the joints in the body become inflamed. The primary cause for this is a calcium buildup in the body.

Silica helps prevent calcium buildups in the joints and helps dissolve and remove excess calcium from the joints. This naturally reduces joint inflammation and generally significantly reduces joint pain.

Digestive Cleansing: The modern world is full of toxins in the air, in our food, and in our water. These toxins sit in our digestive tract slowing it down and preventing the body from absorbing nutrients. Silica helps absorb these toxins and effectively flushes them out of the body. This allows the body’s digestive tract to operate much more efficiently and allows nutrients to enter our bloodstream faster.

What Are Some Common Sources Of Silica Supplements?

The two most common sources for silica supplements come from horsetail and diatomaceous earth. Horsetail is a plant that contains a high concentration of silica. This can cause several problems if a user does not pay attention to their dose. However, it is still a good source of silica.

Diatomaceous earth is a powder that is actually the remains of algae that once thrived in the oceans. These algae died and formed massive deposits of what we know as diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth has a lower concentration of silica, so there are no side effects like the ones found in horsetail.

How Can I Buy A Silica Supplement?

Silica supplements are available online and in some stores. From experience, we recommend SilaLive, an all-natural diatomaceous earth that is our personal favorite. SilaLive contains pure food grade diatomaceous earth, which is arguably the best source for silica.

Compared to other silica supplements, SilaLive is much more affordable but will last much longer. Thousands of happy customers are using SilaLive to improve their health and revitalize their bodies. If you’d like to learn more about SilaLive and how it can help you head over to our official review of SilaLive or go directly to the Buy Page to order.

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