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14 Pages Silica Report

  • What is silica?
  • Silica Mineral composition
  • Silica the key mineral for longevity
  • How to prevent osteoporosis With Silica
  • Stronger teeth With Silica
  • How Does Silica help Detox my body from heavy metals

24 Pages Silica Report

  • What are zeolites?
  • How can Zeolite Mineral improve my health
  • Naturally Detox Your Body With Zeolite Mineral


  1. Patricia says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I had silicone implants in my body for 40 years and now have a autoimmune disease called Sjogrens I saw a video which said that silica is an antidote to silicone which makes sense to me. I have had the silicone taken out, thank goodness.

    This disease affects the glands. I suffer from dizziness and brainfog which is hard to explain as well as debilitating fatigue. This is affecting my pineal gland.

    I also have titanium dental implants which I am going to have taken out.

    I fell for every scam in the books. This silicone is now on the market again for the next generation of young fools who will have themselves implanted. Very sad.

    I am just about to read your report and thank you,


    • Patricia,

      You are doing a VERY SMART thing by removing the implants as well as the titanium dental implants. Riding your body of these harmful and non-organic substances will help your body feel more natural and get back to the way it should feel.

      This is also why we include Diatomaceous Earth in our supplement. The Diatomaceous Earth is there to clear how the harmful toxins and heavy metals while the Silica is there to help rebuild and repair the body.

      We hope that you enjoy our SilaLive product and will come back and report the positive benefits you have seen out of our product!

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